Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Crafty Fox

We are born with a few skills, it has been said, the rest can be acquired (I say)!

My first grader brought home projects from school this last month and someone did get better at craft because of them. That ‘someone’ was none other than the mother.

My problem is I take the note from her teacher very seriously and literally. When it reads “Please help and guide your child towards successful completion of this project”, I tend to take over the complete responsibility of its completion, assuming that being the adult of the two; it is expected out of me.  The student of course has a say, but only in cosmetic matters like what colors to use and which stickers to glue (but when I look proudly at our completed piece of ‘art work’ I accept that it is the cosmetic contributions that have made all the difference!).

She also gets to run up and down the stairs as many times as needed for the collection of materials. So while she excitedly runs around passing on scissors, glue stick and dabbing some glitter here and there, I attack and lose myself in the craft like my life depends on it.

V Day Box

A shoebox lying idle in our garage got a makeover and behold, out came a swanky, shiny box that returned home with tons of candy and valentines We dressed up the cardboard in leftover Christmas wrapping paper and adorned it with jewels and heart shaped stickers at hand. This fancy project took up about half an hour of our Monday evening and gave us plenty of fun along the way!

The family Clover

This green clover arrived in the school back pack with a deadline of 3 days before submission, 2 of which went in arguing who would help the school girl with it. The last evening before it was due, I concluded if the ‘lucky to be family’ project was to be submitted on time, somebody better sit on it right now.  And I did, not because hubby is the BOSS around here, but because I could probably get it done in half the time!

Princess Tea Party

Unfortunately, I have no decent pictures of the craft we did at this party.  But I have a couple of the delicacies and the tea set it was served in and those are sure to win me some comments.

Me and my princess attended a mother-daughter Tea Party event organized at a local Estate, one Saturday afternoon. Set in a charming old fashioned bungalow surrounded by lush green lawns and tall pine trees, the surroundings and the table settings were gorgeous. We were treated like absolute royalty. Dressed up in fineries, we learned some tea etiquettes, did some craft together and sat down for tea and refreshments in an elegantly set up table, fit for princesses.

Towards the end of the party, the girls got their magic wands and did a sparkle parade for the moms who clicked away furiously!

All in all: me and my first born got to spend some alone time together over these couple of projects and parties (a rarity indeed since she had her sibling). I could see she was very happy to be the sole recipient of my attention, even if it was only for a while!

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