Friday, February 8, 2013


Ok, so I may not be the quickest when it comes to implementing on year ending resolutions, but this has been so far my poorest record. Late by 39 days, this post should have been titled “Happy New Year” and been on record on the first day of 2013.  BUT, that clearly hasn’t been the case!

To take a leap back in time (as far as the previous year), I had pondered a tiny bit about some changes I wanted in my routine in the coming year. I didn’t want go on a weight loss spree (I read somewhere, this one was the MOST popular New Year resolution ever), neither did I need a change of wardrobe or personality. Going back to work was never on the list for a couple of more years and I wasn’t really bitten by the travel bug so no exotic destinations to be marked off the list for a while.

Nah, I wanted something far more precious.  What I wanted was to get hold of and treasure something that slips right through our noses every moment and most days we fail to take notice.

Two years back, when I started writing this blog it was with the honorable intention of acknowledging my musings as a mother, record growing memories of my kids, learn a few things along the way and have something to fall back on when my memory failed to reminisce, someday. It was also to set aside a time to write, something that I absolutely love doing and reserve that much needed personal space. See how ironic this sounds “A busy mother of two, seeks a quiet, solitary hour away from all domestic thoughts and her children, so that she can write about ‘her children’!

So yes, I admit, a part of me wanted to use this blog as a time away from my children, because as much as I love them, I needed a little time on my own, everybody does. Being a mother does not make me any less of an individual and after going through the charades of the day happily and enthusiastically, it was only fair that I got a my share of attention to self.  

After writing diligently for a couple of months, the tempo declined. Either it was too late to write or the kids were being fussy. Sometimes, a movie was more engaging and other times, I was too tired to do anything at all. Each day something else was always more important and took precedence over writing. Occasional lapses turned into long absences and many special moments passed without a mention on the blog.

It was with this reinforcement of writing as a part of my routine, in mind that I pledged to take out time to write every day, especially about my time with my children who seem to be growing up faster than I can imagine, with every passing day.

And then, I refused to take it seriously!
Well, my good intentions may have not seen the light of the day on the 1st of January, 2013, but they have now today and I feel inspired if not overjoyed to find myself at the writing desk, so late in the night.

Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck & looking forward to reading more of your writing:)

  2. Waiting to hear from u more often.. :) do come back