Monday, September 17, 2012

A Daughter's letter to her Mother

Often, while our kids play, we the moms get into a heated discussion about how a woman's position in the society (especially with reference to the Indian society) hasn't changed. The talks range from as personal as how still some of us have to ask our husbands before buying a single item to as distant as the news about a married woman's suspicious death in some remote village. The unfortunate but factual conclusion that we always reach at the end of it is that social, economic or financial status of a woman does not guarantee the preservation of her esteem or independence.

And since on the subject of women and independence, many are quick to point out how divorces are no longer as uncommon, blame it on the woman who does not wish to compromise anymore (read - no longer tolerates oppression!).

This article which is in the form of a letter was inspired by nothing less but the spirit of the "independent" woman..Read on...

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  1. Super! Beautiful letter..and you have dwelt on the tenuousness of a mother-daughter relationship so wonderfully..