Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On A Rainy Day..

It is hard not to think about the rain when it rains everyday! When I moved to this place, a few of my friends warned me of the sun-less sky, gloomy weather and the endless drizzle. It is hard to remain unaffected by the surly mood of nature; depression they said was a common ailment around here.

Having been so forewarned, I decided to arrive equipped. I made a mental note of buying brighter furniture and lined up things to make my days more cheerful.  I told myself; it will take a while but eventually I will get used the rain and not complain.

The whole acclimatization process actually caught me off guard. I was so not prepared to fall in love with the Green all around me or the towering trees and the flight of birds that emerged from them every evening or the beautiful pearls that dropped in unannounced not really caring whether you had an umbrella or not. The rain, I concluded was the best part of my day!

On a rainy day I want to get drenched beneath the open sky to my heart’s content
And not worry about catching a cold.

On a rainy day I want to sit by my window, not a thought in mind
And watch the drops slide down the glass one after the other.

On a rainy day I want to drive down the green forest
And lose my path amongst the towering trees.

On a rainy day I want to snuggle up in bed with a book in my hand
Just an occasional interruption of a steaming cup of tea.

On a rainy day I want to rush somewhere with an umbrella over my head;
Scurrying through the damp road, cursing the rain.

On a rainy day I want to slip back in time and call old friends
Remind myself gently how much the first rains meant.

On a rainy day I want to be joyous and content like the sun hidden behind the cloud
Making up for the sky so sullen and shy.

On a rainy day I want to be young and old concurrently like a soul
Thankful to be alive to this wonderful beautiful earth.

P.S.” The right word at the right time and everything changes”. 
Thank you Priya Mahadevan for putting things in perspective!


  1. I loved reading it dear and always love to read a lot even though I stopped writing from long time :) Keep posting, will surely visit again to read all ur write ups. I'm already a follower here too...

  2. lovely!!! just a last suggestion if i may - making up for the sky so sullen and shy would convey your thought better ...

    keep writing!

  3. btw, I share a poem with you on FB :)

  4. Thanks Priya for the suggestion..making up did sound better than make up in this line..! loved your poem, hope u read my comment.

  5. Poetic! Beautifully expressed...