Monday, November 21, 2011

Rockstar - Movie Review

“Behind every successful man there is a woman” or her absence. This can very well be the tag line for Rockstar.

I am not at all surprised at the intense reactions Rockstar is gathering from all over the place. Some love it, some hate it and there is rarely an in between response. Why am I not surprised? Because it is a piece of art which was bound to stir up your senses, positive or negative.

I loved the movie; let me get it cleared at the start so those looking for an unbiased review can stop reading right away.

Rockstar, as the title goes is what the hero of the movie wants to be and I use the words “wants to be” and not “aims to be” because when he actually reaches THERE, he doesn’t want it anymore.

With Jim Morrison as his idol, Janardhan Jakhar or JJ wonders why he isn’t so successful even though he has it in him. Enlightenment comes in the form of a canteen owner (subsequently his manager) who points out that all famous artists have a real tragedy in life which makes them so.  Taking the advice to heart, off goes our hero after the most gorgeous girl “Heer” on the campus. They turn into friends and only when she gets married in some time and goes away to Prague does Jordan (as named by Heer) feel a sense of “missing” in life and music just flows out of him.

He grabs the chance to visit Prague and meets Heer again, miserable and unhappy in her marriage and in the foreign land. This time when they meet, both realize what they mean to each other, an affair is just the natural way of progression for them thereon.

They share a chemistry that is unstoppable. They love each other, yearn for each other and only when they are together does their world feel complete. And this love story tells you just that.

When Heer’s conscience turns up too much against her, Jordan’s heart is broken. The separation once again brings out the rebel and the artist in him like never before. But success, when it comes doesn’t taste as sweet to him because his love is not by his side.

Heer’s sister calls for him at one of his concerts and he meets his lady again, this time without the baggage of her marriage. All his dreams with her come true before the movie ends on the prophecy that comes true.

Rockstar is not a brilliant love story never written or seen before; it is a heartfelt depiction of what happens when soul mates come together and stay apart. The sad face of Heer, speaking volumes about her married life and the angered reaction of Jordan to the much longed for success tells us that nothing feels right when you are not with your loved one.

Rockstar takes you through the musical journey of a love so powerful, it makes you forget the rights and the wrongs, the flawed circumstances in which Jordan and Heer come together.  All you remember is the magic they create together.

The music of Rockstar is the soul of the movie, one cannot imagine the movie without its songs and they seamlessly fall into all the beautiful places the movie takes us.  

The last scene shows a million fans waving, cheering for our Rockstar as he sings his heart out. Pain and music so blended in the outcome, almost inseparable.  Janardhan becomes the rock sensation he always wanted to, having learnt two life altering lessons in one powerful stroke – love can heal and love can kill.

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