Friday, October 28, 2011

Festive Fun

What is it about festivals that make you so emotional? They make you miss home even more and they remind you of your childhood days when life was as simple as a laugh or a tear.

As festivals come closer I try and muster as much enthusiasm as I can and jump into preparations/celebrations but still fall short as compared to my 5 year old.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love all festivals and the decorations, the food and everything that go with them but there is a fundamental difference, I am THE mom now!

It is so hard not to reminisce about those days when mom fussed about my new dress and dad took endless pictures of the smile that seemed to get brighter and brighter with each click. I still have memories of my childhood home which came alive with lights and colorful decorations and back then it felt like I had a lot to contribute to it but now I know the truth. All I did was choose the color and chatter nonstop about this and that while mom and dad did the real work. And the food, how can I ever forget the food, every dish cooked at home, hours and hours of preparations in the kitchen. So many things made especially because I liked to eat them. It was a time I was the most loved person in the house, till my sibling came along. Festivals then were fun and more fun.

The roles have reversed and how!

Now, festivals are fun and more work. With change comes appreciation. Appreciation for things and people you took for granted because they were always there. Did I even have the faintest idea how tiring festivals were for my parents? Not then, but now I do. Did I even vaguely comprehend how much effort went into creating a joyous environment in the house no matter what the circumstances, which made every festival so much more enjoyable? Probably not then, but now I do. Did I ever thank my parents for all the wonderful memories of each and every festival? Not then, but now I probably should!

As I watch my children grow I know now why festivals were more fun as kids. It was an enjoyment that went without any responsibility.  One of the many advantages of being a child.

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  1. G - I can sense your feeling. When you are a parent then you realize your parents' worth and spend everyday praying you can measure upto 10% of what they were :)