Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tired !

In a good sort of way. Kids had been down with cough and cold last couple of days and it is definitely an added stress. Why added? Because having 2 small kids itself is a stress. Now don’t get me wrong, I love them and I adore them and I can give my life for them, but let’s face it, kids are a LOT of work.

So today, baby no. 1 is feeling fine and baby no. 2 is recovering. And the thing with kids is they do not know of pessimism. As soon as they feel better, they pick up from where you left them. Baby no. 1 is complainy (!!) this morning. “MOM, it is the third day of my spring break and we haven’t done anything.”(Never mind that “we” were coughing till our sides ached the last 2 days). As calmly as I could at that time of the day when I hadn’t even had my morning tea, I explained it to her that baby sister was not 100% well and we needed to take that into consideration. It did not sink in nether had I expected it to so no disappointment there. We left the discussion at “ We’ ll see” which usually means I am defeated and too proud to admit it and guess who knows that very well, Baby no. 1! She returns to her room with a winning smile.

A neighbor called just in time to inform that the plan for the day was to take the kids to a  park. Hmm, a park, I wasn’t sure, the kids still had a runny nose. Before I could contemplate, another call, a change of plan, we were now meeting at somebody’s place for a potluck lunch cum play date. Suited me just fine.

All in all a lovely afternoon with a variety of food, lots of chatting with half a dozen other moms like me and no trouble from the kids. Baby no. 1 was so busy with her friends, she was nowhere to be seen till it was time to go home. Baby no. 2 finally had it after a row of sleepless nights and succumbed to a long afternoon nap. Now I know what they mean when they say “sleeping babies are a delight to watch”, of course they are, they can’t trouble you that way!

The fun didn’t end there for me. As soon as hubby came home, handed him a cup of tea and the kids and rushed out with my wallet and umbrella yelling “grocery” before he had a chance to react. And believe me it felt so good to walk in the rain; I almost forgot to open my umbrella. 


  1. Just came across your blog and I LOVE it. Beautiful simple joys of life - Ah I forget to enjoy these sometimes in my busy schedule as a MOM! :)